What we do...

Buying or selling equipment, machinery or farm implements has never been easier or more cost effective.

At Farmlife 24 we offer buyers and seller a convenient, technology-savvy approach to manage a farm and its machinery line up. Browse our inventory for a wide variety of items to keep your agricultural operations running smoothly.

And if we don’t have it we find it FAST.

Right Price, Right Quality, Right Now

Specializing in Agrigultural and Industrial Equipment, our business is built on honesty, integrity and quality service to our clients.

Farmlife 24 provides a platform for buyers to sell their unwanted equipment and sellers to find quality items at the best price – all in one place.

For Buyers

Tired of struggling without the right equipment -why use a spade when we can find you an excavator?
Just call us.
We WILL find it for you.

For Sellers

Tired of machinery, equipment or implements taking up space on your property – rusting and adding no value to your operations?
Bring it to us.
We will buy it from you or feature it for sale at our auctions.

With our extensive network of buyers and seller across geographical boundaries, we guarantee that you will find the right equipment and the right price.


If we can’t find it, no one else can!

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We take your call and make it happen – whatever it takes!


A known and trusted name